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Niko is in his late 20s and recently dropped out of college. He lives for the moment, drifting sleeplessly through the streets of Berlin, marvelling at the people around him. With a quiet curiosity, he observes how they cope with everyday life while failing to notice how he himself is becoming an outsider. But, one day, everything changes, and Niko is forced to confront the consequences of his inaction. His girlfriend ends their relationship, his father cuts off his allowance and a psychiatrist diagnoses him with an ‘emotional imbalance'. Meanwhile a peculiar beauty from his past confronts him with the emotional wounds he inflicted, his new neighbor - accompanied by meatballs and Schnapps - pours his heart out, and throughout the city there doesn‘t seem to be a single cup of 'normal‘ coffee available.

"Do you know the feeling when people around you seem to behave strangely? And the longer you think about it, the more it dawns on you that it's not other people who are strange, but yourself?" Niko's epiphany, however, is immediately, abruptly interrupted when he's forced to stand up to a rowdy gang of teenagers, and a night-time encounter with an old man not only personifies his own loneliness but also demonstrates how the city's history continues to assert itself.

Comedy, Drama
1 hr. 28 min.
Opened June 20th, 2014

Tom Schilling
Marc Hosemann
Friederike Kempter
Justus Von Dohnanyi
Michael Gwisdek

Jan Ole Gerster

Jan Ole Gerster

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