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In-Seat Dining with the Mobile App

Step-by-Step Guide

Mobile App Ordering
How to navigate the app for F&B ordering: (scroll down for step-by-step guide with images)
  • To order food on the app once you are seated, click the navigation menu located on the top left.
  • Click the 3 bars and the navigation menu will list a FOOD & DRINK option.
  • Click that link and it will take you to the theatres that have food service.
  • Select the theatre you are in. 3 theatres offer F&B ordering & in-seat delivery.
  • Select Delivery to Seat or Counter Pick Up. Hit continue (bottom button).
  • Select the movie and showtime you are in.
  • Then select your seat on the seat map for the in-seat food delivery. It must be for the seats you purchased or your food will not be delivered to the right seats.
    (One seat for entire group order if ordering for multiple people.)
  • Next, see order options. There are headings for the different food categories. 
  • NOTE: There is a 5 minute timer when ordering food.
  • Place your order and continue through the checkout process.
  • *SAN CLEMENTE GUESTS:  Click the PREPARE ORDER BUTTON to start your order.
  • The food will then be delivered to your seats once prepared.
  • NOTE: The IMAX auditorium in San Clemente is counter pick up only.

Ordering Tickets and F&B Together:

  • If you want to order your tickets and food at the same time, on the navigation menu on the top left select CINEMA or MOVIE.
  • Select the theatre you are visiting (MetroLux 12+IMAX or MetroLux Dine-In in Loveland or MetroLux Theatres + IMAX in San Clemente), select your film, showtime and tickets. 
  • Next, scroll through the food options. There are different categories to choose from.
  • After your food options are selected, continue to check out.
  • When you get to the theatre, have your ticket scanned and we'll start your order. If your ticket is not scanned, your order will start to be prepared 30 minutes after showtime.  Please make sure to sit in the seats you purchased or your order will be unable to be delivered to you.
  • For IMAX shows at MetroLux San Clemente, orders will need to be picked up at concessions as that auditorium does not offer in-seat delivery.
  • There is a cutoff time for ordering which is approximately one hour before the end of the film and approximately 30 minutes into the film for the last showtime of the evening.

Mobile App Ordering


Mobile App Ordering Guide