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Your Private Rental Information

Thank you for booking a rental with us.


Your Private Rental:

For select theatres only: Your Private Screening may be bookable online when available. 

The minimum guest count required for your rental was provided at the time of booking and varies based on date and film.


All rentals/buyouts:

Check In:  Please check in at the box office 20 minutes prior to showtime.

  • If checking in as a group, one confirmation is needed.
  • If checking in separately, please ensure your guests have a copy of the confirmation.
  • If you have over the specified guest count when booked, there will be a per person ticket charge.  Please note that bringing additional guests will need to be approved in advance and is not an option for all theatres.

Film Selection:  If you wish to change the film selected, please contact the theatre.

Bring Your Own Movie:  If you selected the bring your own movie option, please provide a regular blu-ray* disc; 2 hour is the maximum length. For longer titles, please contact theatre for approval prior to booking.

  • *Please note that Disney films on blu-ray or DVD cannot be shown at the theatres for rentals.


  • Concessions will be open, so if your party is purchasing concessions, please arrive earlier to give guests extra time.
  • No outside food or drinks is permitted.

Contacting the theatre for questions:  The theatre opens approximately one hour prior to the first showtime of the day.

Cancellation:  a 48 hour cancellation policy applies.  To cancel a reservation once booked, please contact the theatre if booked online.  There will be a cancellation fee once the rental is confirmed.

Thank you and enjoy the film!