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MetroLux Theatres at San Clemente

MetroLux Theatres at San Clemente, San Clemente, California

Outlets at San Clemente,
101 W. Avenida Vista Hermosa,
CA 92672

MetroLux Theatres at San Clemente

Located at Outlets at San Clemente

Theatre Amenities      

  • IMAX
  • D-BOX
  • 4K Laser Projection
  • Stadium Seating
  • In-Seat Dining with Wine & Beer
  • Reserved Luxury Heated Recliner Seating
  • Reserved Luxury Rockers in IMAX Auditorium
  • Advanced Ticketing - Show e-ticket at the door for admittance
  • All Digital Projection & Sound
  • Closed Captioning (CC)
  • Audio Description (AD)
  • Military Discount offered at theatre box office only with valid Military ID.
IMAX icon D-BOX icon Reserved Heated Luxury Recliners icon Reserved Heated Luxury Rockers icon Reserved Seating icon 4K Laser Projection icon icon icon 3D icon icon icon icon Audio Description icon Closed Caption icon Theater Ears icon Open Caption icon Hearing Assisted icon


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Scripted Café San Clemente

Now Open

Scripted Café - Now Open!

Enjoy a selection of beer and wine.  Great food from our fresh prepared kitchen.

No movie required! 

Private Patio available for rentals. Perfect for all special events and occasions.  Chef prepared menu and catering. To learn more, click here.

To submit a rental request, click here.  Please mention patio rental in your request.

In-Seat Dining. Plus Beer & Wine!

Now Serving!

Experience a whole new level of luxury movie watching with in-seat dining.

Enjoy a wide variety of chef prepared cuisine paired with a glass of wine or beer.

Ordering is simple!  Use the Metropolitan Theatres mobile app to order in advance when you buy your tickets or you can place your order on the app and at concessions when you arrive at the theatre.

Once you arrive at the theatre and your ticket is scanned, your order will be cooked to order and delivered to your seat.  For beer & wine ordering, please visit concessions.  IMAX guests, your orders can picked up at the counter to enjoy while watching the movie.

Bon Appetit!



IMAX with Laser:

  • Sharpness: Experience incredible detail in every image with a sharper, clearer and crisper picture that delivers a heightened level of realism on the biggest screens.
  • Brightness: Laser brings an increased level of brightness to fill IMAX screens with the most vivid and lifelike images in 2D and 3D.
  • Contrast: Dramatically greater contrast levels in each frame provides a level of depth that draws audiences into the movie.
  • Color: The widest range of colors available to filmmakers so they can present more vibrant, deeper and richer colors in IMAX than ever before.
  • Sound: Whether it’s a pin drop or feeling the heart-palpating force of a volcano, with next generation IMAX precision sound, audiences will experience a new kind of powerful, immersive sound they can feel.

The IMAX auditorium offers plush luxury rockers for optimum viewing.

To learn about our IMAX Documentaries for education/schools, click here.


Change the way you watch movies!

D-BOX is changing the way you watch movies by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion. With D-BOX, you control the intensity so you can move with the movie and feel every scene as if you were in it. We remove the line between you and the screen to create hyper-realistic, immersive, one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences that pull you into the story like never before.

D-BOX's immersive cinematic motion is:

  • Non-distracting
  • Harmonized with the audio and video
  • A great and exciting upgrade

Find D-BOX seats in Auditorium 8. Rows C & D.  

  • Select D-BOX tickets to see the seat selection.

To learn more about D-BOX, visit: D-BOX | Moving the World With Haptic Technology

Mobile App

Download It Today!

In-Theatre Dining Made Easy!

With our new app, order your food when you purchase your ticket and we’ll make it to order when your ticket is scanned at the theatre!  If you prefer to wait until you’re seated to order, use the new app to place your order!

Buy your tickets in advance and scan your phone inside the theatre for touchless entry.

Movies Made Easy at Metropolitan Theatres!

Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the Metropolitan Theatres App today!

App Store

Google Play

MetroLux Theatres at San Clemente

How to Dine-In!


How to Dine-In with us!

Mobile App Ordering:

  • Download the Metropolitan Theatres App in the App Store or Google Play.
  • When buying your tickets, order your meal in advance.
  • Your food will be cooked to order once your ticket is scanned inside the theatre.
  • When it’s ready, we’ll deliver it right to your seat.
  • For IMAX guests, orders can be picked up at the counter.
  • Want to order more? Just use the app and we’ll bring it to you!
  • Earn M Rewards points on ticket and food & beverage orders!
  • (For refills, visit concessions or the bar and we’ll be happy to help.)
  • To Learn more about the App, click here.

Kiosk Ordering:  

  • Easily purchase your ticket and place your food & beverage order on our kiosks.
  • Once your ticket is scanned, your order will be cooked and brought to your seat.
  • For IMAX guests, orders can be picked up at the counter.
  • Earn M Rewards points on ticket and food & beverage orders!
  • Want to order more?  Just use the app or visit the bar for assistance.
  • (For refills, visit concessions or the bar and we’ll be happy to help.)

Concession Ordering:

  • You can also place your food and beverage orders at the Concession Counter!
Scripted Bar & Kitchen

Scripted Bar & Kitchen

Coming Soon!

Dining room, patio and bar coming soon.

Scripted Bar & Kitchen a brand-new dining destination with a full-service bar and patio, and providing an in-theatre dining experience to movie-goers will bring an elevated menu of eclectic dishes. Dine-In movie-goers will have the ability to order from the Scripted Bar & Kitchen menu using the Metropolitan Theatres app, at the kiosks, or at concessions allowing for in-seat delivery of your favorite cocktail, food or concession offerings. IMAX® viewers will be able to pick-up their food and beverages at a convenient counter before entering the auditorium.  


Mark your calendars for Bargain Tuesdays!

MetroLux Theatres at San Clemente

Outlets at San Clemente, 101 W. Avenida Vista Hermosa, San Clemente, CA, 92672

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